PRESENTATION of Rodant amb Estil

Hello everyone,

Here you have the presentation video of my project Rodant amb Estil (Rolling with Style)

In the video I speak to you in Catalan, now I transcribe everything I say here.

Paragraph 1:

Good morning, my name is Elvira and I introduce myself to all of you lovers of the camper world.

I have been here for a while and I want to make myself known, I have been a lover of this sector for a long, long time, although now I am more actively involved because I want to have it as a work alternative, you know that COVID has touched the Economies of many people and me with reductions in working hours, it has also touched me.

I would like to combine all the creative part that I have inside, with my passion for camper world, that is why I am here, I hope you like it, I would like to find your feedback, know what you like and what not about the publications I do, what you would like I to do, What items would you like me to bring for my designs, in short, collaborate with all of us, because without you this will not roll with style and that is my wish.

Courage, we follow each other on the networks.

Paragraph 2:

Now I want to talk about the issue of Language , the issue of language is complex, there are many sensitivities, what I will tell you is that I want to maintain the system of the three languages ​​(web Rodant amb Estil), Catalan because it is my mother tongue, Castilian because it is the common language to the entire Spanish state and part of the foreigner, and English because it is the universal language.

They are advising me to choose a single language, I have to do various studies on the subject, if I can and I think it is convenient, I will keep all three languages.

I will not enter into polemics on social networks, if someone protests, I will try to respond appropriately without polemicizing. This is my company policy and I will continue to do so.

Thank you very much to all.

Paragraph 3:

Now I am here, secluded on my terrace, like many of you, having a coffee enjoying this fantastic day, this wonderful sun and wishing you to roll with a lot of style, that you enjoy life, that all this will pass, that we have to learn many and very long lessons, respecting nature and reinforcing health institutions.

Apart from that, to live, which are two days, to dream in the New Adventures.



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